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Business Process Roadmap

  • End-to-end workflow reengineering.
  • Transform data to business intelligence.
  • Capability maturity and service lifecyles.
  • Create value with measurable, sustainable results.



    Format: On-site or virtual.

    Basis: By project or contract.

    Role: Facilitate or lead.

    Level: Reengineer or train (or both).

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Driving business value on three fronts: process, quality & knowledge.

Process. Thinking end-to-end delivers lifecycle management. Everything has a lifecycle and a known lifecycle enables systems thinking and break-through strategic planning, like Three Fronts does.

Quality. Successful professionals rarely have only one skill set. People who work to improve their organizations are successful because they excel in multiple disciplines and bridge skill gaps for their organizations, like Three Fronts does.

Knowledge. Solutions keep your world in orbit. They are the hard-won results of experiences across your human capital, and equally vulnerable to walking out your doors as clients. Three Fronts can help you capture corporate knowledge and transform it for the benefit of your clients. Tell us about your project and team.

We've worked with budgets upward of $1.25 million on public-facing projects, supporting a $20 million initiative, with consistent successful results. Projects have spanned building mobile-friendly digital properties, preference-based user engagement, platform migrations, C-level goal reporting, branding initiatives, and a portfolios of data/process/value mappings. Experienced at aligning project outcomes to organizational strategies and driving business value.



  • PMP + ASQ + ITIL powerhouse
  • 10+ years experience
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