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Opening Possibilities

  • End-to-end workflow reengineering.
  • Transform data to business intelligence.
  • Capability maturity and service lifecyles.
  • Create value with measurable, sustainable results.



    Format: On-site or virtual.

    Basis: By project or contract.

    Role: Facilitate or lead.

    Level: Reengineer or train (or both).

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How ever you need us, Three Fronts is a fit!

  • temporary team
  • fill a team gap
  • one-on-one
We've worked with budgets upward of $1.25 million on public-facing projects, supporting a $20 million initiative, with consistent successful results. Projects have spanned building CRM process mapping, requirements discovery, voice of customer solutions, platform migrations, C-level goal tracking and dashboards, branding initiatives, and a world of marketing workflows and value mappings. | what we do



  • PMP + ASQ + ITIL powerhouse
  • 10+ years experience
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