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Opening Possibilities

  • End-to-end workflow reengineering.
  • Transform data to business intelligence.
  • Capability maturity and service lifecyles.
  • Create value with measurable, sustainable results.


Our basic RA package includes:

    Inclusive flat fee: $3,500 USD.

    Receive four actionable deliverables.

    Receive cross-unit operational insights.

    We can deliver within days*.

Our four key deliverables:

  • Need greater process transparency? You receive a current-state assessment.
  • Are your processes supporting your strategic goals? You receive goal alignment insights.
  • Where will greatest effort give greatest results? You receive workflow mappings and quality analysis.
  • Is business value walking out with staff? You receive an organizational analysis.
Are your digital and business processes aligned to your strategic goals and giving expected returns? Remaining agile in today's pressurized digital business requires informed strategic thinking. With this package, we help clients build agile digital strategies that seize new customer opportunities and move them to the next level. It may be used to examine one main business line; or to examine the viability and alignment of your C-level strategic plan. Next? Integrate your rapid assessment with a first-class digital strategy, learn more.

We've worked with budgets upward of $1.25 million on public-facing projects, supporting a $20 million initiative, with consistent successful results. We conduct process mapping, thorough requirements discovery, break-through process reengineering, voice of customer solutions, data analysis, platform migrations, C-level goal tracking and dashboards, branding initiatives, and a world of marketing workflows and value recapture.

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  • PMP + ASQ + ITIL powerhouse
  • 10+ years experience with a quality assurance specialty
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[*depends on timely team responses.]