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  Rapid Assessment Insights

Strategy Alignment

is everyone pulling together?

Big Data

is data delivering business intelligence?

Capacity Maturity

infrastructure and scalability preparedness

Knowledge Management

ultimate organizational stress test

Gap Analysis

distance between "current" and "future" states

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"You know where your business is and where you want it to be.
Three Fronts helps you quickly bridge this gap."

With so many simultaneous demands crowding your calendar, it can be easy for short-term operations to fall out of alignment with long-term goals—and for performance results to fall below acceptable levels.
With our Assessment Preparation Guide, work starts immediately then, three weeks after your kick-off date, your assessment arrives with clear next steps. Our rapid assessment service is an industry-agnostic snapshot of the 'health' of your business strategies designed to validate business goals and their priority, identify stresses, and gain process visibility with proven tactics to guide a sustainable and integrated action plan, your roadmap forward. | What To Expect
| Need Digital Strategy or Big Data services?

A rapid assessment is the tool you need if you want to:
    1. Address business pressures strategically
    2. Gain visibility and objectivity into performance
    3. Build a systematic approach to issues
    4. Maximize process outcomes
    5. or, are always reinventing
A thousand times a day, you mentally archive notes on shifting business pressures but those same pressures leave you no time to address efficiencies, voice of customer, business intelligence, big data, goal alignment, customer value, market forces, and being prepared for the evolving disruptive digital business model. Need a free custom quote? Ask us!

We ask a lot of questions and listen even harder.
We want to know what has teams in the weeds, why fires happen, where knowledge gaps are, and causes of process pain. We will ‘follow the money' to uncover where, what, and why anything is robbing business value. We have a strong solution-driving assessment approach with a track record for delivering success, are customer-centric, strongly collaborative and a strategic-partner powerhouse.

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Working through the stages in our Assessment Preparation Guide, you will receive your assessment in just three weeks.

Experience has shown that organizations do their best when they focus their process improvement efforts on a manageable number of process areas at a time and that these areas require increasing sophistication.

This is your roadmap.
Options!   expand

We offer many options for expanding any assessment scope. These include: expanding discovery and stakeholder input; building an action plan; conducting root cause analysis, process mapping/reengineering, data mapping (data lake); requirements building, project management, or managing corrective actions.

[Additional options will be quoted separately.]
Value-packed with bonus!   expand
Your assessment will be an effective combination of findings across strategy alignment and maturity models with break-through recommendations across processes, knowledge, quality, and technology to help your planning. It will identify quick wins with high-level business solutions that succeed under stress. Beyond this summation, your assessment package will include a powerpoint of key visuals to share.

BONUS! #1 Customer Experience - we will include a tailored overview assessment of the customer experiences related to your existng or new business area, and how they can be impacting your NPS. Value - $297, free.

BONUS! #2 Service Lifecycles - we will include a tailored overview assessment of the service lifecycles related to your existing or new your business area, and how they are impacting your business excellence! Value - $297, free.

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